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Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, technology failures and other types of natural and manmade disasters in the last five years have significantly raised the importance of crisis preparation for all kinds of organizations.  Companies and governments across the world have come under tremendous pressure from stakeholders to increase their resilience against business disruptions. 

We provide a full spectrum of BCM services to our clients.  Our approach to business continuity is not just limited to IT disaster recovery procedures.  We take an integrated approach to overall business recovery and continuity by incorporating facilities, personnel, suppliers, equipment and technology.  We focus both on proactive controls to prevent a disruption from happening, and reactive controls to formulate effective response to an inevitable disaster.  We prepare our clients to effectively respond to a crisis event within the first few hours of its occurrence, and provide them with step-by-step detail to recover their regular business in the subsequent days and weeks ahead. 

BS 25999 - The New BCM Standard

We are one of the few consulting firms that have supported full implementation of the newly released first ever auditable standard of BCM - BS 25999 from start to the end.  BS 25999 is developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) - the parent organization of the International Standards Institute (ISO).  It is expected to become the de facto ISO standard for Business Continuity this year.

   Increase Your Resilience
Secure your assets and supply chain, and meet your legal and regulatory obligations.  Enhance your resilience against disruptions and protect your image, brand and reputation. 
   BCM Services
Depending upon your need we provide full coverage of your end-to-end BCM requirements or we exclusively support any of the following services:
- Readiness Assessment
- Risk Assessment
- Business Impact Analysis
- BCM Strategy Selection
- Incidence Response Structure
- Incidence Management Plan
- Business Continuity Plan
- BCM Policy Development