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Records Management

As the number of laws and severity of punishment related to records management continues to increase, it becomes even more important that organizations step up to higher standards in records management.  We help our clients develop and manage a secure and integrated records management program that mitigates compliance and litigation risks, increases productivity and reduces the cost of maintaining unnecessary information. 

Records Management Policy and Procedures

Using records management best practices we develop records management policy and procedures that suit  specific business requirements.  We cover policy statements about creation, use, maintenance, protection, preservation, and eventual disposition of records and information.  We address roles and responsibilities, ownership of information assets, use of social media and electronic communication tools, chain of custody, legal holds, confidential destruction practices, and more.

Records Retention Schedule

We help our clients develop and consistently implement a defensible records retention schedule that is supported by relevant legal and operational requirements.  The schedule represents all records that are created across divisions and functions regardless of media type.  Retention periods are based on legal, regulatory, and operational requirements. We employ the following four activities to develop the schedule: 1) Identify major record groups; 2) Create a universal classification scheme; 3) Perform legal research; 4) Overlay operational retention requirements. 

  Preserve Smartly
Preserve the right information for the correct length of time.  Meet regulatory and legal requirements faster and cost effectively.
   Records Management Services
Demonstrate records management best practices of good faith through consistent implementation.  Our targeted offerings address your business needs in the following areas:
- Policy and Procedures
- Records Retention Schedule
- Email Strategy
- Program Assessment
- Software Selection
- Workflow Consulting
- ISO15489 & MoReq2 Compliance
- Training