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We employ a holistic compliance approach to minimize redundancy and duplication in your controls scheme.  We plan, design, and implement controls in such a way that same controls meet compliance requirements of different regulations, frameworks and standards, such as, SOX, HIPAA, PCI, CMMI, GDPR and more.

SOX 404

Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance is our flagship service. Our strong background in internal controls design and implementation together with our expertise in compliance and project management makes us one of the leading vendors for SOX compliance.  We provide end-to-end coverage of IT and financial controls as well as assessment of entity level controls. We scope and plan your project to ensure that your internal controls are designed and operating effectively with respect to the COSO and CoBIT frameworks as well as the PCAOB standard.  Our thoroughness in designing, testing, and remediating controls gives you the comfort level to assert effectiveness of your internal controls.


We enable HIPAA covered entities comply with the Security Rule under Title III of the HIPAA regulation.  Using risk-based approach we conduct a risk assessment to identify critical infrastructure vulnerabilities in the control environment.  Key areas of focus in our risk assessment are data security, network security, physical security, and business continuity.  We identify deficiencies and weaknesses in the control environment and recommend practical and effective remedies to the identified areas of problem.

   Protect Your Reputation
Protect your reputation, assets and management against penalties and fines and achieve greater transparency across the company. 
   Compliance Services
 Achieve highly functioning integrated compliance to reduce risk, complexity and cost.  We support compliance with the following regulations and standards: 
- SOX 404
- ISO 15849
- ISO 22301
- ISO 27001