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Corporate Governance

Executive management in successful organizations is getting more focused on providing leadership, organizational structures and processes for effective corporate governance.  The importance of a well governed organization is critical to sustain and extend an organization’s goals and objectives.

Strategy, Policies and Procedures

We help our clients develop and implement policies and procedures that are fully harmonized with their business strategies.  This enables them to exploit existing and emerging opportunities in their industries and larger domains to get the most out of their corporate investments.  We develop policies and procedures that facilitate a smooth and effective implementation of corporate strategy.  Our policies and procedures are well aligned with the organization's major risks and related internal controls. We cover finance, operations, information technology, and industry specific operational processes. 

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

We assist our clients in implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for a robust and holistic management of risks across the organization.  We implement a standard risk management process with common terminology and metrics across the organization, and provide an integrated view of risks for a broader perspective on the totality of risks.  We create risk portfolios and utilize correlation techniques to project a full spectrum of risks, and ensure a proper alignment of business objectives with the risk appetite of the organization. 

   Govern for Success
Align processes and business strategy, manage risks, and  deliver value.  Optimize knowledge and IT infrastructure and measure performance. 
   Governance Services
Successful enterprises understand the critical importance of corporate governance in today's business environment.  We offer the following corporate governance services:
- Strategy Development & Alignment
- Policies and Procedures
- IT Investment Management
- Performance Management
- Enterprise Risk Management
- Risk Appetite and Alignment
- Information Security Governance
- Val IT